Plan and Work your Plan.

It’s necessary to plan because planning is roadway to success. But if you plan and fail to take the necessary action, your efforts become pointless.

It’s an easy task to describe the kind of life you anticipate, but pursuing it requires extra effort; you have to get out of your bed.

If you dream of becoming a millionaire, do you sit down and wait for a million to drop from heaven and find you? Of course not, you have to work for it. You need to invest wisely, save more, and spend sensibly!

Some of us have recurring goals from year to year because we’re very good planners but poorest initiators.

It’s not insane to dream big even when you’re a low class person. Any person can have big dreams, but what matters a lot are the actions taken thereupon.

Don’t plan and sit waiting for a miracle to happen; you will get old while waiting. Always work towards that thing you’re planning. Remember that the clock never stop ticking.

It’s in Vain if God is not Included

Unless the Lord approves your relationship, you fall short of His grace, security, and blessings. What God has joined together, let no man separate, Mat 19:6 & Mark 10:9 NIV.

If God is not the reason for your achievements, wealth, happiness, and prosperity, etc., it’s futile because you can lose them anytime. The blessing of the Lord gives wealth, and He adds no trouble to it, Proverbs 10:22 NIV.

Unless God protects your business, all your toilings are profitless and you become vulnerable to unnecessary pain, regrets, and sorrows. Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed, Proverbs 16:3 NIV.

Be careful not to be a people’s pleaser, don’t do something expecting to receive praises but do it for God. Let God’s name be glorified. Be careful not to practice your ‘acts of righteousness’ in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven, Matthew 6:1.

For you to have a happy, unique, lively, and a loving family, God has to be a core leader. “Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God”, 1 cor 11:3.

Without God, we are powerless, limited, unworthy, ugly, lifeless, discontented, futureless, and hopeless. God is the source of all our needs and everything good we encouter under the sun.

“Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me”, John 15:4

God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being, Gen 2:7. What are we without God? A useless and unwanted vessel? God gives you and me life, and that’s why we are alive today. All is futile if God isn’t included!

It’s Okay…

It is very okay to smile as you make your heart to glitter.

It is okay to cry since it helps to release loads of pain from within you.

It’s fine for someone you treasure to hate you because of something you failed to do for them. Don’t get shocked if they can’t let you explain yourself. This explains much about what such person takes you for.

Appreciate it more if you have someone who correct your mistakes. I know it feels like an insult, but it’s a key way to help you grow and succeed. Note that lies are very sweet, but poisonous.

It is a wonderful thing to love your enemies as it keeps your heart free from myriad of burdens, e.g., wounds, pain, fear, restlessness, regrets, etc.

Don’t take that time you’re alone for granted because it triggers self-meditation, and that’s how you learn more about yourself.

It’s okay to refrain from something that you’re doubting, maybe it’s a warning of what might transpire.

It’s fine to give a try to something that appears difficult or impossible to do, who knows if that’s a path to your destiny?

It’s a good thing to be calm when they laugh at your failure, assume they don’t know what they are doing, and pray for God to forgive them. Such people only want to discourage you, and they will laugh even more if you give up.

It’s okay when people dislike and reject you without any reason, maybe you carry a shining star that causes them to envy you.

It’s fine to fail even more than three times; it pushes you to try new approaches and you begin to attract victory. Failing encourages you to think outside the box.

It’s okay to love as you open doors for more love to come to you.

It’s okay to be patient even when nothing seems to work out, God needs to offer you training and make sure you’re ready for what He’s giving you.

It’s okay to be silent and listen; it gives you a chance to learn new and important things.

Be happy when it’s necessary, cry when it’s necessary, say no/yes when it’s necessary, correct when it’s necessary, take heed when it’s necessary, adjust when it’s necessary, but remember never to lose yourself. Shalom!

Who is Like You Mom?

Who is like you mom? What did you see in me that made you love me so dearly? The world is full of beauties, but again and again, you rank me as beauty of beauties.

For 9 months, I made your life uncomfortable, but you never flushed me out. Above that, you were forced to quit your job to nurse and care for me.

You had no idea whether I will transpire to be a lawyer, doctor, teacher, motivational speaker, journalist, thief, murderer, or an Apostle. All these, you never knew about.

However, no single day did you deny me love! You provided all my needs without hesitation, and demanded no payment.

You believed in me before any other person, even before myself. Everyday you reminded me about my being; a prosperous and unique person.

I still remember your words to this date, how you used to bless and encourage me. How you created a beautiful future for me with your words, even if I was a small child.

Even now that I’m already a grown up, you still care about my well-being. Thank you mum for being like no other person. I LOVE YOU MUM!

Hello My Child

Hello dear child, my precious diamond. The most pre-eminent terrestial being existing on earth. Child! I love you so much.

I loved you from the beginning, and that’s why I trusted you with my possessions. No single day fades away without thinking about you.

What happened my beloved child? What did I do wrong that you suddenly forgot me? How can I smile when you are out there embracing strangers and knowing that I’m no longer in your heart and mind?

It hurts to see you having a good time with them. I am your legal dad but you treat me as an option. For how long will you continue kicking me out?

I was watching when they demanded for a sexual relationship for you to qualify for a job promotion. I thought you would remember me and come for advice, but you never bothered to call me.

It was painful seeing my own child happily committing adultery for the sake of a promotion.

I heard them asking for a bribe to give you a job. I saw how you hurried to offer the money, and eventually went on celebrating because of the new acquired job.

Bars have become your sanctuary, and my presence you seek no more.

They know you as a notorious womanizer, and you gladly embrace the title.

I entrusted you with my sheep, but you never tend to them. My poor sheep crave for a green pasture and clean water, but what a misleading shepherd you have become?

My enemy’s voice is your sweet melody. He blinded your mind, and turned you into a killer, thief, and slanderer. You are both enemies of everything that is right.

My child, won’t you allow me even for a minute to prove how much I love you? Don’t you grow weary of rejecting me?

Since when did my tears became your laughing stock? You stimulate me to curse you, but then I remember you’re my esteemed child.

Please come back to me child, I’m ready to forgive you. I will not remember your evil deeds, and I promise to build an everlasting bond with you. I will help you in everything.

I love you my child, it’s me your dad, God.

Why So Many Disappointments?

How do you feel after failing an exam that you studied so hard to pass?

What if you get discouraging comments when you know you are in your best outfit?

What if that person you love dearly chooses someone else over you?

How would you feel if your loyalty is paid with betrayal?

Suppose you value someone highly as your best friend and come to learn that you are only an option to them?

What if you walk down the aisle and then after one year your wife confesses that she only wanted to get a child legally with you and then go her way?

Suppose you need money urgently and then the person who had promised to lend you eventually disappoints you?

Imagine yourself sacrificing your investment to educate your daughter, and then she drops out of school due to early pregnancy?

What is the feeling when your boss pays you half of what you agreed to be your salary, following all your commitment and generating above average returns?

Suppose you have more than 10 valued friends and they all give you a cold shoulder that time you’re helpless and much-need them?

What would you do if everyone is against you and accuses you of doing something you know-nothing about?

How would you feel if your parents truly love your siblings but dislike you?

We encouter a myriad of things that are demoralizing and heartbreaking.

Come to think of it, some persons have a goal of dispiriting you because it makes them happy seeing you overwhelmed with self-contempt. It disturbs them to see you succeeding.

What if you lose hope because someone who is your enemy intimidated you? Who will be on the losing side?

Do not surrender when you are not supposed to. Don’t forget that not everyone who smiles at you loves you. Do not let the noises and discouragements of today ruin your tomorrow.

Remember that another morning await to shine its colorful light upon you.

When given the chance, the enemy will not only swallow your today but also that future you’re fancying.

Where would we be if God chose to disown us because of our sinful nature? Or how many times do we sin and disappoint our God, but He extends His mercies to us?

God never ask for payment to give us neither life, grace, nor oxygen; we all get them freely.

So then, don’t hate because someone wants you to, don’t let go because someone wants you to, don’t live the way they want you to, and don’t let them celebrate by killing yourself. Where is the trust for yourself?

God Does Speak to You.

It was a colorful morning, and even the glamorous red and orange color of the sunrise could tell it all. It was my custom to wake up early in the morning and go to my balcony to watch the beautiful sunrise. Lol! I’m just attracted to its never-fading beauty.

However, things were a bit different for me that day. Although I was in the presence of a dazzling sunup, I was completely lost in thoughts. I was sad, worried, and my mind loaded with questions. I exceedingly hungered for answers to something that had troubled me for many days.

I’m surrounded by many believers, including my relatives, friends, pastors, neighbors, and even spiritual mentors. I cherish them a lot, and we have one thing in common that links us up; we are believers and followers of Jesus Christ, He is our Lord and Savior.

Every time I interacted with some of these people, no one failed to share with me how God answered their prayers and how He spoke to them. Of course, I totally gave my ears to them, but it made me feel uneasy about my salvation. I never heard God’s voice speaking to me, even after a couple of prayers and fasting.

Now, this is the reason why I was inattentive to the beautiful sunrise. I wondered if my salvation is genuine, then why did God not speak to me? Was I half-saved or does God just choose people to speak to? Honestly, this troubled me much.

Are you that person who is not sure if God speaks to you, or you are wondering how He speaks to people? Do you find yourself sometimes infuriated thinking that God doesn’t want to listen nor respond to you? Do you doubt your relationship with God simply because you no longer hear from Him?

Well, you don’t need to contempt yourself at all. There is nothing wrong with your salvation. The truth is, God speaks to us more frequently but we barely pay attention to what He says (Job 33:14). Eventually, we accuse Him of being silent and not answering our complaints.

Our main problem is that we expect God to speak to us like so-and-so. We have our heart set on hearing Him talking directly to us. We wait for a voice and eventually get disappointed because of our unmet expectations.

But in actual fact, God speaks to us in many different ways. At night when people are asleep, God speaks in dreams and visions (Job 33:15). God can speak to us through another person or through the scripture, where a Bible verse catches your eyes.

Moreover, God is unlimited and He can speak through other ways, e. g., through a whisper, our thoughts, supernatural manifestation, or through circumstances, etc. Please quit saying that God doesn’t speak to you, because He does it again and again.

Have you been into a church service and everything the preacher shares correlate with what you’re going through? Of course, the preacher has no slightest clue about your situation, but it’s God using him to answer you.

Be keen and attentive in areas you suspect God uses to speak to you. Shalom!

Unlimited God.

The Bible contain thousands of messages that God directly spoke to His people. For example, Genesis 12 records the first instance when God appeared to Abram and promises to bless him. This happens immediately after the passing away of Terah, Abram’s father. God want Abram out of Haran, his father’s homeplace, and go to Canaan. Abram wasn’t in Canaan before, but he is faithful enough to obey God.

I’m more interested in Genesis 12:2, where God promises to give Abram many descendants that eventually will become a great nation. Remember that during this time, sarai, Abram’s wife, cannot conceive, Genesis 11:30. So we see that God is promising to give many descendants to a man whose wife is barren, and to make it more interesting, they are very old. By then Abram was 75 years old, and sarai in her mid 60’s.

As just an ordinary man, Abram could easily doubt this promise because of his situation. We even see him laughing in Genesis 17:17, after God confirms that sarai is going to have a son in her 90’s. “Can a man have a son when he is 100 years old? Can sarah have a child at ninety?” Abraham wondered. God saw the future of Abraham, how he will be a father of nations, and kings. However, Abraham had the ability to see his present and not the future.

A human mind is limited but God has no boundary. God is seeing Abraham as a father of the world, far beyond what Abraham could think of. If God promises you something, just know He will do it beyond your imaginations. He only requires us to be obedient and practice what is right. Deuteronomy 28:1-2 says, “If you obey the Lord your God and faithfully keep all his commands that I am giving you today, he will make you greater than any other nation on earth. Obey the Lord your God and all these blessings will be yours.”

Trust in the Lord and look not on other people who prosper before you. God is ready to help you in every situation, if you call and allow Him. Always be patient and wait for the Lord to act.

Why Do You Pray?

Knowledge has a beginning but no end; there is no limitation. Even a wise person still remains to be a student for life.

Don’t cheat yourself to block your mind from gaining knowledge because you think you have enough of it. Each new day has something new to offer.

Today I was privileged to exchange some words with a servant of God. I got this question from her “why do you pray?”

It’s a very simple question, right? But believe me, this requires sincerity. Different people will give different reasons why they pray.

But you know what? I just embraced the response she gave. “We need to pray to connect and form a strong bond with God”.

Although we are advised to present our needs to God through prayers, our main purpose for praying should be to connect with God.

Work vs Job.

Work and job are not new to us. Although someone may consider the two terms to be similar, they have different meaning.

Work and job may be viewed equal and interchangeable, but you’re off beam if you’re doing so.

If you think of job, the other two phrases to come to mind is payment and employer. A job is basically a career, occupation, trade, or profession. This is what you are skilled in.

It’s a task assigned by your employer, and then you get paid eventually. You have to finish an activity and then payment follows. This is what job is about.

On the other hand, work is biblical. It’s what you were born to do. The spiritual task assigned to you by God from the beginning. Work doesn’t require your skills, it’s manifested through the Holy spirit.

It’s essential to work because you are fulfilling God’s given duty to you.

Not all of us have the vocation to be pastors, of course, there exists different spiritual callings, including but not limited to, intercession, helping the needy, prophecy, healing, supporting the church financially, Sunday school teacher, and worshipping. I can’t exhaust them here because they are numerous.

Note that, it’s possible for one person to manifest more than one calling. What are you called to do? As I conclude, I want to thank you for reading my post.

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